Why List Your Home During the Holidays?

Why list your home during the holidays?

A vast majority of homeowners share a common belief about selling a home, they feel Spring is the ideal time for listing a property. Unfortunately, the belief isn’t entirely correct, why you may ask? Simple, competition! If you wait until Spring time to list your home, you may run into an oversaturated housing market, your home be thrown in the mix, and can potentially sit longer than usual. Did you consider the crowd of the “just looking”, or the “we’re not in a rush, we have all summer to decide.”  Listing in Spring time, when inventory increases, could bring a lot more foot traffic of lookers, instead of serious buyers.

Benefits of listing during the holiday season.

Historically, listings increase by close to half a million from December to July.
Wouldn’t it be nice if you could avoid being another statistic and part of the half million new homes for sales? Sure, listing your home during the Holidays isn’t something you thought about, perhaps you still aren’t, but why not entertain the thought? Consider the benefits of listing during the Holiday Season: you can maximize this time of by capturing real interest of prospects, just like you and I, your future buyers are shopping, surfing the net, and looking for great opportunities before someone else comes across them. Take this time to showcase your beautifully decorated property and put it on the market.

Back to our question: Why should you sell now? Unlike every homeowner, you’re aware of housing trends, and as demand increases, the competition will naturally increase as well. Give yourself peace of mind, feel confident the buyers your property will attract, are serious about purchasing your beautiful home.

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